American Federation of Labor

901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

For 40 years, this building served as the headquarters of the pioneering labor organization, the American Federation of Labor, which was founded in 1881 and led by Samuel Gompers. The American Federation of Labor represented a majority of organized labor and was known as the "national labor temple." Woodrow Wilson gave the dedication address for the building which symbolized the maturity and strength of the nation's most powerful union.

Milburn, Heister & Co. were the architects for the building which was built in 1915-1916. It served as the headquarters until the AFL-CIO merger in 1956. The building is 7 stories, and has a classical facade of tan brick with limestone trim.

DC listing: March 3, 1979
National Register listing: September 13, 1974
National Historic Landmark designation: May 30, 1974



901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW