Garden Club Entrance Markers

The Garden Club of America ceremonial entrance markers were erected in 1932-33 as part of the George Washington Bicentennial celebration

The George Washington Bicentennial celebration was a nationwide series of events authorized by Congress to honor “the first true American.” Each indicates an important entrance to the city from Maryland. The installation was among the bicentennial events in Washington, which also included the formal openings of Arlington Bridge and the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Contemporaneous but unrealized were further plans to create a north portal at Sixteenth Street and more imposing entrance pylons at other locations. Each Aquia Creek sandstone marker bears the Maryland seal and a District cartouche with a bas-relief of George Washington standing with Lady Justice, a laurel wreath, rising sun, and depiction of the Capitol dome. The monuments were designed by architect Edward Donn and exemplify both the artistic expression of the time and the patriotic nature of the era’s civic embellishment projects.

DC designation May 24, 2007
National Register listing April 29, 2008 (Chevy Chase, Westmoreland, and Georgia) and May 12, 2008 (Wisconsin & Western);
US and DC ownership
Garden Club of America Entrance Markers in Washington, D.C., 1932-35, Multiple Property Documentation adopted DC May 24, 2007 and National Register April 29, 2008