Old Engine Company No. 12 (Eckington Firehouse)

Engine Company 12, located at 1626 North Capitol Street, N.W., was constructed in 1896-97 in the developing suburbs around and beyond Florida Avenue.

The three-story, Victorian-era firehouse designed by Snowden Ashford and executed in a Dutch Revival style, including character-defining end gables, is a highly articulated and picturesque structure. The building, prominently sited on a corner lot, affords a commanding presence on North Capitol Street despite its current vacant status.

In 1896 when Engine Company 12 was under construction, both sides of North Capitol Street north of Florida Avenue were in rapid development. By then, the city had outgrown its original boundaries and speculative development was pushing outside and even well beyond the outskirts of the original city. Along North Capitol Street and within the larger Eckington neighborhood, developers were improving the city squares with rows of late Victorian, Queen Anne style dwelling forms that catered to the city’s burgeoning middle-class residents. Engine Company 12, built contemporaneously with neighboring row houses, is sympathetic in design. The highly picturesque Engine Company 12 was designed by architect Snowden Ashford and provides an excellent representation of his work.

DC designation May 25, 2006
National Register listing June 6, 2007



1626 North Capitol Street, NW