Count Pulaski Statue

This equestrian monument to Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulaski was erected by Congress to honor the famed Polish Marshall General who came to fight and gave his life for American Independence.

The nine foot bronze statue portrays Pulaski in the uniform of a Polish marshal, which he preferred to wear rather than the uniform of the Continental Army. Dramatically posed with his shoulders thrown back and cape flowing behind him, he looks to the left as he reins in his horse. The granite oblong pedestal has the names of the American Revolutionary War battles in which he participated carved around it. The pedestal rests on a larger base, about three feet high and twenty by sixteen feet in dimensions. The statue was erected by the government at a cost of $40,000 and approved February 27, 1903. It was dedicated May 11, 1910. Kazimieriez Chodzinski was the sculptor and Albert R. Ross was the architect. The location of the statue is at Pennsylvania Avenue at E and 13th St., N.W.

Kazimieriez Chodzinski, Sculptor
Albert R. Ross, Architect
Within a L’Enfant Plan reservation and Pennsylvania Avenue NHS



13th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW