Washington Cathedral (Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and Close; National Cathedral)

Cathedral: Built 1907-17 (George F. Bodley, Henry Vaughan, architects); 1922-90 (Frohman, Robb & Little, architects)
Saint Alban's Church, Guild Hall, Rectory, & Satterlee Hall
Hearst Hall: Built 1900-01 (Robert W. Gibson, architect)
Saint Alban's School for Boys: Built from 1905
Saint Alban's Lower School: (Cram & Ferguson, architects)
Episcopal Church House: Built 1913-14 (Henry Vaughan, architect)
Cathedral Library: Built 1924-27 (Frohman, Robb & Little, architects)
Administration Building: Built 1928-29 (Frohman, Robb & Little, architects)
College of Preachers: Built 1928-29 (Frohman, Robb & Little, architects)
Pilgrim Steps and Bishop's Garden: Built 1928-32 (Mrs. G.C.F. Bratenahl, architect)
Deanery: Built 1953 (Walter G. Peter, architect)
Beauvoir Elementary School: Built 1964 (Faulkner, Kingsbury & Stenhouse, architects)
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DC Inventory: March 7, 1968
National Register: May 3, 1974



Wisconsin Avenue at Massachusetts Avenue, NW