Walde-Carter House

The Walde-Carter House is one of two Victorian-era houses on the street otherwise consisting primarily of mid-twentieth-century bungalows.

The Walde-Carter House is located in the middle of the block on the west side of 48th Street in the neighborhood of the American University Park. It is one of seventeen known residences built in the initial phase of development (1896-1911) of the American University Park subdivision. The house is named for its longest-term owner, Martha Walde-Carter who lived in the house from 1942 until her death in 1988.

Built in 1899, the late Victorian-era house was constructed by local Tenleytown architect and builder Thomas J. Giles. The House is a two-story, wood-frame building set upon a raised and rusticated stone foundation and is covered with a pyramidal hipped roof with an intersecting front oriel tower and hipped side dormers. Stylistically, the house is transitional between the Queen Anne and more regularized American foursquare, and is characterized by a full-width front porch and by its central tower that rises from the porch roof.

DC Inventory: March 24, 2011



4628 48th Street, NW