Engine Company No. 27

Deanwood’s Engine Company 27 is significant as the second African-American fire company in Washington.

Black firemen could only rise to command in these units, which had grown to only four in number when the racially segregated system began to be dismantled in the 1950s. This unit received a commendation as “fire company of the year” in 1962 for saving nine lives at a Grant Street fire. Engine Company 27 was the next to last firehouse commission for Leon Dessez, the most prolific private sector firehouse architect in Washington. It was erected in 1908 to accommodate Chemical Company 1, which was disbanded in 1914 when Engine 27 was formed. The building is a hipped-roof Renaissance Revival style “villa” form.

Nominated by the Capitol Fire Museum,
DC Inventory: January 27, 2011
National Register: May 18, 2011



4201 Minnesota Avenue, NE