Terminal Refrigerating and Warehousing Company

The Terminal Refrigerating & Warehousing Company building (“Terminal Building”) is a monumental, Neo-Classical Revival-style building located at Fourth and D Streets and Virginia Avenue, S.W.

It is an eight-story building constructed with a reinforced concrete frame and clad in dark red brick. The building was constructed in 1923 by the Terminal Refrigerating & Warehousing Company, housing cold and dry storage warehouses and an ice manufacturing plant as well as the company’s offices. In 1983, the Terminal Building was renovated and expanded to the east for use by the Washington Design Center. The Terminal Building retains its integrity as a large-scale early 1920s Neo-Classical industrial building. The 1983 addition does not contribute to the architectural or historical significance of the Terminal Building.

The Terminal Building retains sufficient integrity to convey its significance as a twentieth-century warehouse and industrial building. The building has remained in its original location and its direct adjacency to the rail line and viaduct has been preserved; therefore, the property retains its integrity of setting and location. Despite some exterior alterations and interior retrofits, the building has retained its essential appearance as a twentieth-century industrial building, including the retention of its finely detailed brick facade, its concrete structural system, and its basic fenestration pattern. By retaining a large amount of its original materials as well as its form, style, and structure, the building successfully conveys its integrity of feeling, design, workmanship, and association as a 1920s industrial building.

DC Inventory: July 24, 2014
National Register: August 24, 2014



300 D Street SW