Army and Navy Club

The club was built from designs by Hornblower & Marshall and is representative of the Second Renaissance Revival style. The facade of this building was incorporated into a new building in 1985‑1986.

The Army and Navy Club was incorporated in 1885 as the United Service Club, a private club dedicated to "the mutual improvement of its members by the promotion of a more intimate personal acquaintance among those who have served int he military or naval forces of the United States." It met first in three private rooms in a building on G Street, NW and then in 1891 the club was reincorporated as the Army and Navy Club. The same year a permanent clubhouse was erected on the southeast corner of Connecticut and I Streets.

In 1911-1912, the Army and Navy Club moved to a new space to accommodate expanding membership. The new building was erected directly across I Street from the old building. President William A. Taft was guest of honor at colorful ceremonies dedicating the new building on December 6, 1912.

Built 1911-12
Hornblower & Marshall, architects
facade incorporated in new building: 1985-86
DC designation: June 27, 1974



1627 I Street, NW