Civil Service Commission

The U.S. Civil Service Commission Building at 1724 F Street, NW occupies a 0.3-acre lot on the south side of
F Street, NW in Washington, D.C.

The lot is bounded by F Street to the north, a narrow, limited access service road to the south, the office building at 1718 F Street, NW to the east, and the office building at 1730 F Street, NW to the west. The six story building was constructed in 1911 to house the U.S. Civil Service Commission and underwent various interior renovations in the late twentieth century. Currently, the building houses annex offices for the U.S. Trade Representatives, as well as offices for the U.S. Secret Service and the Executive Office of President, Office of Administration.

The U.S. Civil Service Commission Building exhibits elements of the Italian Renaissance Revival style applied to the basic commercial office building form of the early twentieth century. The Italian Rennaissance Revival influence can be seen in the tripartite division into base, shaft and crown, the deeply projecting bracketed cornice, the engaged pilasters separating the central bays of the front and sides and the classically elaborated door surround. These ornamental details are sparingly applied to the standard office building form derived from the Commercial style: flat front, flat roof, little ornament, highly regular fenestration with triple-ganged windows and a balance between horizontal and vertical lines. Due to its simple but high-quality building materials, including brick and limestone, the building remains in generally good condition with few alterations to its 1911 exterior appearance and configuration.



1724 F Street, NW