Milton Hall Apartments

The Milton Hall Apartment Building, constructed in 1938, was built in response to the increased demand for middle-class housing in the Washington, D.C. after World War I.

The Milton Hall Apartment Building, located at 2222 I Street, N.W., is situated at the northwest corner of 23rd and I Streets, N.W. Milton Hall is one of three brick, Art Deco-style former apartment buildings that are now owned and operated by The George Washington University as residence halls.

The Milton Hall Apartment Building, constructed in 1938, is significant as an example of an apartment building constructed in response to rapid population growth in Washington, D.C. during the interwar period. Milton Hall is also significant as the work of an innovative developer and a skilled architect. Developer Meadowbrook, under the direction of president Monroe Warren, was responsible for significant advances in affordable, middle class, and luxury apartment buildings throughout Washington, D.C. and the suburban Metropolitan Washington area. Architect Robert O. Scholz is regarded as one of the city’s most skilled apartment building designers; his Art Deco apartment buildings, including Milton Hall, are among the city’s most impressive examples of the style. The Milton Hall Apartment Building is significant for its representation of this style. Its exterior ornamentation embodies the geometric and floral patterns of the Art Deco style that was intrinsic in the presentation of a completely modern apartment that would appeal to Washington’s burgeoning middle class of federal workers during the 1930s.

DC Inventory: January 28, 2010
National Register: June 18, 2010



2222 I Street, N.W.