Cooke's Row

In its park-like setting, Cooke's Row forms and impressive series of large scale, formal Victorian mansions.

The basic plan of each half of the "cottage villa" is a simple row house type with full depth stair hall at the party wall, and along the side a series of rooms staged from more public at the south to less public to the north. The 12' tall first floor contains a parlor, a sitting room, a dining room, a butler's closet and a kitchen addition.

These villas are of brick and are to be painted some warm mellow tint and sanded. The walls are open, with a 3-inch air space from the bottom of the cellar to their tops, thus securing a dry house in wet weather, and warm one in cold weather and cool one in warm weather. All the exterior decorations, except the main cornices, will be formed of fancy molded bricks, similar to the dressing of the Theological Seminary in Fairfax County, Va., which was designed and built by Mr. Starkweather of this firm just before the Rebellion.

DC listing November 8, 1964
within Georgetown HD



3027 Q Street, Northwest