Armed Forces Retirement Home Historic District

The 272-acre Armed Forces Retirement Home is located approximately three miles north of the U.S. Capitol at 3700 North Capitol Street, N.W. in Washington D.C.

The historic district is bounded by North Capitol Street on the east, Harwood Road to the northeast, Rock Creek Church Road on the northwest, Park Place to the west, and Irving Street on the South. The Eagle Gate at the intersection of Rock Creek Church Road and Upshur Street is presently the only entrance into the campus. This entry provides direct access to the northern portion of the campus known as Central Grounds, which includes the oldest built resources associated with the northern branch of the Military Asylum established in 1851 as well as the original 1842 farmhouse of George W. Riggs.

The historic district includes a collection of 19th and early 20th century buildings and extensive historic landscapes. There are 39 contributing buildings and a total of 140 contributing properties that date from 1842 to 1951. The Lincoln Cottage is the centerpiece of the property. It is the original Gothic Revival-style cottage known as Corn Rigs. It was built from 1842-1843 as the home for George Riggs. Development of the asylum began in 1852 when the Riggs home was enlarged and the placement of a flagstaff, which marks the establishment of a military installation. The next three masonry buildings were completed by 1857. Other buildings were constructed over next century. The grounds also include recreational areas, statuary, war relics, and other features.

DC Inventory: May 22, 2008
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3700 N. Capitol St., NW Washington, D.C.