Tilden Hall

Located at 3945 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Tilden Hall is a five-story, Colonial Revival-style buff brick apartment building.

The building features a V-shaped plan that responds to the acute angle of its lot—unusual in facing the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Tilden Street. Clad in five-course common bond brick, the building measures 126 feet wide at its front facade by 126 feet deep along its wings, and stands 54 feet in height, and is capped by a flat roof. The apartment building is situated on a 0.8 acre site, bounded by Connecticut Avenue on the west and by Tilden Street on the north. A small parking lot occupies the courtyard to the east of the building, while a six-story apartment building (3901 Connecticut Avenue), constructed in 1927 is located to its south. The front elevation of the building is set back approximately 100 feet from the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Tilden Street, and the lot features a mild slope, gradually decreasing in elevation from north to south. The building is approached from Connecticut Avenue by a brick and concrete walkway that is level with the concrete belt course that separates the front elevation’s raised basement and first story. The Tilden Hall property is well landscaped, and the building’s V-shaped footprint provides views from all apartments, including direct views southeast into Rock Creek Park.

The five-story, brick Tilden Hall apartment building was designed by noted architect Frederic B. Pyle and constructed in 1922-1924 by the P.F. Gormley Company as a “high-class” apartment hotel. As such, Tilden Hall provided a range of amenities, including food service to residents in one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Financial problems at Gormley Company slowed construction while the property was auctioned to the Asher Fireproofing Company, one of Gormley’s subcontractors and the holder of a mechanic’s lien. Upon completion in 1924, the property was initially managed by the William H. Saunders Company before being purchased by Maddux, Marshall, Moss & Mallory, Inc., the managers of a half-dozen other apartment-hotels nearer downtown. In later years, the property became a more typical apartment house as it passed through several hands.

National Register: November 17, 2015
DC Inventory: September 30, 2015



3945 Connecticut Avenue. NW