Abstract Sculptures of DC: Rockwalls

The sculpture combines natural and manmade elements on Gallaudet University's campus.

Gallaudet University’s main campus mall hosts a number of art installations, but one situated close to the center on the east side of the quad might not catch eyes at first glance. The rock walls seem to peer out of the ground and slip back underground as if they’ve always been there. However, the Rockwalls sculpture by Lloyd Hamrol was completed in 1982, and is one of many stone landscapes the artist created.

Composed of three incomplete circular shapes, the walls of various neutral, earth-toned rocks jut out of the ground, with their overall rounded appearance interrupted by rectangular cuts made from the top. The resulting shape is reminiscent of a battlement buried in the ground over many years. The large circles overlap to create a loose outline of a triskelion. At 51-feet long and 6-feet high, the sculpture is quite large, but blends into the surrounding landscape well enough to feel naturally placed on the large campus quad.

Within Gallaudet College Historic District.

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Gallaudet University Main Mall, 800 Florida Avenue NE, 20002