Potomac Palisades Archaeological Site

Archaeologists dated the site to the Late Archaic period.

Discovered in 1981 by Thunderbird Research Corporation as part of an environmental study, the archaeological site holds evidence of prehistoric tool manufacturing. Materials discovered at the site included quartz chips, completed bifaces, and fire-cracked rocks. Because of their findings, the archaeological team believed the site to date to the Late Archaic period of 3000 to 1000 BCE. The quartz chips and completed bifaces indicate that the site functioned as a tool workshop, and the fire-cracked rocks as possible evidence of hearths.

The site allowed archaeologists to have a better understanding of the extent of tool usage and creation during this time. Additionally, the site shows what and how tools were created in the Late Archaic period, as well as warranting further research into the area.

National Register: April 15, 1982



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