Exploring DC’s Go-Go and Punk Music Scenes Tour: Breeze’s Metro Club (Deno’s)

The well-known club was famous for being the site of one of Rare Essence's live performance albums.

Owned and operated by Daniel “Hollywood Breeze” Clayton, Breeze’s Metro Club (also known as Deno’s and the Metro Club) was one of the longest-standing and well-known clubs in DC. The club got its start in 1976 by offering up-and-coming go-go bands a place to play, with bands like Backyard Band having their start here. The club was not the only one to operate in the area, either: the Icebox and others were nearby. The cluster of clubs near Bladensburg Road NE made the area a popular spot for go-go fans to frequent, with Breeze’s Metro Club becoming an important stop for bands hoping to gain exposure and hone their craft.

Perhaps most famously, the club was the recording venue where Rare Essence performed and recorded their album, Live at Breeze’s Metro Club, in 1986. The band recorded the album live as they performed that night, which was not abnormal for go-go bands. Live at Breeze’s Metro Club was a local hit, and Rare Essence cemented their legacy as one of DC’s most popular and longest-running bands to this day.

However, like many other clubs, Breeze’s Metro Club faced criticism and eventual revocation of its liquor license. As more city officials and residents complained of disruptive crowds and loud music late at night, the club faced more inquiries into its practices. While the club still operated without its liquor license, its patronage steeply declined, resulting in major profit losses. Despite local support from numerous residents in order to try to keep the club open, it closed in 2003.

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2335 Bladensburg Rd NE, 20018