American Institute of Pharmacy (American Pharmacists Association)

This 1932 building exemplifies the Beaux-Arts ideals emphasized in the McMillan Plan of 1901.

The American Institute of Pharmacy, designed by New York architect John Russell Pope and built in 1932, is one of the row of monumental buildings developed to extend the Mall to the Potomac and frame the Lincoln Memorial. The building serves as the headquarters of nation's first pharmaceutical association, which was established in 1852.

The building is a temple-like structure set on a balustraded terrace with a cascade of steps and extensive landscaping. It features Classical Revival facades in white marble and a monolithic central block with a heroic arched entrance and side wings. The interior includes a rotunda, a museum, and a library. An addition was built in 1959-1962 and designed by architects Eggers & Higgins.

DC Inventory: January 21, 1977
National Register: August 18, 1977



2215 Constitution Avenue, NW