Public Art Tour: Encore

This sculpture is an embodiment of history, but with a contemporary twist. Encore is a 20 foot tall stainless steel sculpture of Duke Ellington sitting upon a three dimensional treble clef, and piano keys that shift in scale as they spiral upward from a staff. The treble clef itself is inspired by Duke’s handwritten musical scores. Zachary Oxman, who designed and created the statue, hopes that Encore will serve to “inspire and educate future generations of Duke’s legendary talent and his legacy to American music.”

Duke was born and raised in DC, and the sculpture is located adjacent to the Howard Theatre, where Duke frequently performed. The sculpture connects the neighborhood’s accomplished African American past to the present and exemplifies the spirit of the community. A statement released by Oxman notes that “each individual is like a single key, and when played in concert, they create the song, the very soul of this unique neighborhood.”

Artist: Zachary Oxman
MEDIUM: Stainless steel
DIMENSIONS: 20 × 6 × 8 ft.



620 T Street NW