Henry Foxall House

The Foxall House is associated with an important entrepreneur and one-time Mayor of Georgetown.

The Henry Foxall House, built in 1820, is a long-standing example of the Federal homes found in Georgetown. Owned as an investment by Henry Foxall, a foundry owner and mayor of Georgetown (when it was an independent city), 2908 N Street NW is a testament to this early figure’s involvement in the continuous development of DC. Born in England, Foxall moved to Philadelphia where he was associated with Robert Morris Jr. in the Eagle Foundry. When it was suggested by Thomas Jefferson that he move to Washington, he built both a house on 34th Street and an iron foundry at Spring Hill on Canal Road, where he constructed canons for 15 years.

Henry Foxall would also go on to build the Foxall-McKenney House for his daughter Mary Ann, upon her marriage to Samuel Mckenny.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)

Located within the Georgetown Historic District



2908 N Street NW