Equitable Cooperative Building Association (and Interior)

This is the longtime headquarters of one of the city's oldest and most successful savings and loans, founded in 1879.

The Equitable Co-Operative Building Association is a monumental scaled, one-story bank building in the Classical Revival style. Built in 1912, it is a prototypical example of a “temple front” bank building, with a facade that features four marble Ionic columns.

Behind the row of columns, a brick façade sits on an articulated limestone base with central monumental entry and flanking windows. The entry includes a pair of outer sliding bronze doors behind which is pair of non-original wood doors with brass transom above. The windows are wood casements capped by a single transom. All openings are surrounded by limestone aediculae consisting of a entablature, brackets and banding resting on the limestone base of the facade.

DC Inventory: July 28, 1994
National Register: December 29, 1994



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915 F Street, NW, Washington, D.C.