Thomas Fuller House

The Fuller House shows the influence of the English Arts and Crafts movement on residential architecture in the U.S.

The Fuller House was designed in 1893 by noted Washington architect Thomas J.D. Fuller in Free Style, an architectural expression that enjoyed popularity in Great Britain from 1890 to the First World War. The house embodies the distinguishing characteristics of the Free Style and is, in fact, an early example of the style's development in the 1890s, integrating the Georgian tradition.

The building demonstrates both stylistic knowledge and technical skill. It is particularly important as an early manifestation of Free Style in this country, representing a contemporaneous transference of stylistic ideals across the Atlantic, and can be seen as a prototype for similar later designs in Washington and its environs. It is also notable as one of the first houses in Washington Heights (now Kalorama).

DC Inventory: May 16, 1984
National Register: February 21, 1985



2317 Ashmead Place, NW