Germuiller Row

Germuiller Row is an ensemble of Victorian-era red brick rowhouses by the prolific architect Julius Germuiller.

This row of three buildings represents an increasingly rare intact ensemble of Victorian-era red brick row buildings in downtown DC. The buildings are named for Julius Germuiller (1859-1929), a native Washingtonian who became one of the city's most prolific and noted designers of row buildings at the turn of the century. At the time of Germuiller's retirement in 1923, he was responsible for over 300 structures, constructed both for individual owners and for speculators. His work is distinguished by its intricate details and fine ornamentation rendered in brick and stone. These buildings are a demonstration of his style.

Constructed between 1888 and 1890, the row of red brick row houses are organized around an adeptly designed neighborhood corner store. This once-common urban development pattern of rowhouses interspersed with commercial buildings is increasingly rare in the city, but it is an important illustration of the character of Washington's 19th century neighborhoods.

DC Inventory: January 16, 1994
National Register: December 1, 1994



748 3rd Street, NW; 300‑02 H Street, NW