Langston Golf Course (Historic District)

Langston Golf Course is a Federally owned public facility located in the Northeast quadrant of Washington D. C.

Langston Golf Course opened in June 1939 and is significant for its symbolic association with the development and desegregation of public golfing and recreational facilities in the greater Washington D. C. area and with the growth of golf as a popular recreational and professional sport for African Americans. The course served as a focal point for Black golfers in their effort first to encourage the development of golfing facilities for Black players and later to ensure equal access to and equal quality of recreational facilities operated by the National Park Service. The course is also significant as the home course of the Royal Golf Club and the Wake Robin Golf Club the nation's first golf clubs for Black men and women. The development of Langston Golf Course is also significant for its association with the efforts of Harold L. Ickes Secretary of the Interior (1933-1941) to offer equal access to all public facilities for Black citizens.

National Register listing October 15, 1991
US ownership



2600 Benning Road, NE