Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University

Built in the bold, geometrical form that characterizes the GWU campus, Lisner Auditorium is a longstanding cultural center.

Designed in 1940 by Waldron Faulkner of the architectural firm, Faulkner and Kingsbury, Lisner Auditorium's bold geometrical form, clean, taut limestone skin and highly abstracted classical references act as the sole ornamentation for the building. It is one of George Washington University's finest examples of modern architecture. Additionally, Lisner Auditorium has served as the focal point for University cultural events as well as for the Washington community.

Lisner Auditorium was the realization of Abram Lisner's dream for the university. At his bequest in 1938, the George Washington University was left $1 million to build an auditorium for the school. It was the second time that Mr. Lisner's donations to the University resulted in the construction of campus facilities; the Lisner Library had been built in 1935 in memory of his wife, Laura Lisner.

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National Register: October 25, 1990



730 21st Street, NW