The Luzon (The Westover)

The Luzon is one of the last surviving structures from the formative period of apartment buildings in the city.

Built in 1896, The Luzon is one of the 105 multiple-family dwellings built in DC between 1880 and 1900, of which, only thirteen remain. The building has five stories, the ground floor being used for commercial or institutional purposes, and originally featured eight units in the floors above. A prominently situated Romanesque Revival apartment building, The Luzon illustrates the evolution of middle-class apartments from their rowhouse precedents into their later forms. 

The Luzon is one of approximately twenty apartment buildings designed by prolific DC architect, Nicholas T. Haller (1855-1917). The Luzon was named for one of Haller’s sons and renamed The Westover in 1911.

DC Inventory: September 19, 1990
National Register: September 7, 1994



2501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW