Marine Barracks Historic District

The Marine Barracks Historic District marks the nation’s oldest uninterrupted Marine Corps installation.

The Marine Barracks Historic District is a quadrangle of buildings surrounding a central parade ground, and it includes approximately a dozen buildings built between 1801 and 1935.The Marine Barracks is the nation’s oldest continuously active Marine Corps installation, making it central to Marine Corps tradition and history. Thomas Jefferson selected the site of the barracks, which hoped to serve as the permanent home of the Marine Corps Commandant with barracks.

This area served as the Marine Corps headquarters from 1801 to 1901 and has been the home of the Marine Band (also known as the “President’s Own”) since 1801. The barracks is associated with many historical figures, including Commodore Joshua Barney, General Archibald Henderson, and John Philip Sousa. 

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)
National Register: December 27, 1972
National Historic Landmark: May 11, 1976



Bounded by 8th, 9th, G, and I Streets SE