Moran Building

The Moran Building is an integral part of the rich historical and architectural fabric of the neighborhood near Judiciary Square.

The Moran Building is a distinctive commercial office building designed in the Second Empire style, one of the last remaining commercial office buildings in that style in Washington. This small vernacular building architecturally expresses the pervading spirit of expansive optimism that took hold of both Washington and the nation as a whole in the 1880s.

Indeed, the naive exuberance of the Moran Building's long G Street facade is similar in spirit to that of the nearby Pension Building, which links Judiciary Square with the surrounding neighborhood. The Moran Building has maintained a continuity of use throughout its history and is substantially unaltered from its original appearance from the time of its 1889-1890 construction.

DC Inventory: July 30, 1981
National Register: September 26, 1983



501 G Street, NW, Washington D.C.