Mullett Rowhouses

These speculative luxury townhouses were designed to look like one large mansion, instead of three separate dwellings.

Designed in 1889 by architect Alfred B. Mullett (1834-1890), the Mullett Rowhouses can be found in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. This row of Queen Anne style residences were built of red brick with sandstone trim. Each building features large projecting bays, round-arch windows, dormers, and a mansard roof. The buildings were designed to have the appearance of being one large mansion, rather than three separate dwellings.

Although the residences exhibit the architectural features characteristic of rowhouses of the period, they also reflect Mullett’s talent. The speculative luxury townhouses are taller and wider than neighboring contemporary rowhomes and feature bolder design elements than many of their neighbors.

DC Inventory: September 19, 1990
National Register: September 30, 1994



2517‑2525 Pennsylvania Avenue NW