Francis Griffith Newlands Memorial Fountain

The Francis Griffith Newlands Memorial Fountain occupies the center of Chevy Chase Circle at the DC-Maryland boundary.

The Aquia Creek sandstone Francis Griffith Newlands Memorial Fountain is sixty feet in diameter and incorporates a single bronze nozzle, located at the center, that sprays a jet of water approximately thirty feet high. The fountain is named for the Nevada Congressman who became a leading figure in the development of Chevy Chase, DC and Chevy Chase, Maryland, as well as the irrigation of arid western states. His wife, Edith McAllister Newlands, paid for the memorial, designed by achitect Edward W. Donn, Jr. It was erected under an Act of Congress approved on April 8, 1932 and dedicated on October 12, 1933.

DC Inventory: February 22, 2007
National Register: October 12, 2007

This site is included in the Women's Suffrage in Washington DC tour for its significance as a meeting place for female suffragists. 



Chevy Chase Circle, NW