Spencer Carriage House and Stable

Built in 1905 for Southern Railway president Samuel Spencer, this combined carriage house and stable is a large and impressive example of its type.

The Spencer Carriage House and Stable was constructed in 1905 to serve as a carriage house, stable and servants' quarters for the residence of railroad executive Samuel Spencer. Spencer won his fortune in railroads, and served as president of the Southern Railroad Company. In 1903, he purchased a house at 2012 Massachusetts Avenue, NW from the family of the original owner, Joseph Beale. Spencer then purchased the unimproved alley lot in Twining Court, a short distance from his new mansion, and hired master builder John McGregor to design and construct the carriage house and stable. The permit for the building was issued on June 5, 1905. The estimated cost of construction was $11,000. When completed, the stable was connected to the house by telephone, allowing the Spencer family to call a driver when needed.

DC Inventory: December 19, 1995
National Register: August 29, 1996
Within Dupont Circle Historic District



2123 Twining Court, NW (Rear 2120 P Street, NW)