David White House

This home is significant as the living space of one of America's leading geologists.

From 1910 to 1925, this was the home of David White (1862-1935), the distinguished geologist of the U.S. Geological Survey, best remembered as a leading expert on the origin and evolution of coal and as the author of a theory of oil distribution basic to the petroleum industry.

The David White House is a simple three-story row house of Roman brick with greystone trim. It is one of a row of three built in 1902 by architect C.L. Harding. The house has both front and rear entrances and there is one chimney. During his long career in Washington from 1886 to 1935, David White, who was married but who had no children, often moved. He lived at 1459 Girard Street from approximately 1910 to 1925. This fifteen year period was as long as he lived in any one location. 1459 Girard Street is in fair condition. Like other buildings in the immediate area, it is in need of proper maintenance. Nevertheless, the basic structural integrity is intact. Today, the house remains a single family residence as it was when White lived there. With the exception of the addition of some inexpensive partitioning, the basic interior side floor plan is intact.

DC Inventory: March 3, 1979
National Register: March 3, 1979
National Historic Landmark: January 7, 1976



1459 Girard Street NW Washington DC 20009