Van Ness House Stables

From the Van Ness Mansion's collection of outbuildings, this small structure is the last one still standing.

The Van Ness House Stables are the only existing component of the Van Ness Mansion which was demolished in 1907 to make way for the Pan American Union Building. The Mansion and Stables were built in 1816 and designed by architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

The Mansion and Stables were built on the property of farmer David Burnes. Burnes' daughter, Marcia, married General John P. Van Ness and their home was built on the property. In the early 1800s the home was regarded as a venue for entertaining and frequently hosted parties meant for Congressmen.

DC Inventory: March 7, 1968 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)



Corner of 18th and C Street NW