Dahlgreen Courts

Dahlgreen Courts is comprised of two apartment buildings constructed side-by-side between 1927 and 1929.

Both buildings of Dahlgreen Courts reflect architect George Santmyers' preference for the Classical Revival style, although the building at 2520 10th Street is less ornate than its counterpart at 2504 10th Street.

The stylized ornamentation applied to the exterior of 2504 10th Street is the result of its close proximity to Rhode Island Avenue, which was a highly-traveled transportation corridor carrying vehicular and streetcar traffic. The more modest ornamentation of 2520 10th Street is complementary of the rowhouses fronting 10th Street to the immediate north, thus marrying the multi-family building to the existing single-family neighborhood.

DC Inventory: September 23, 2010
National Register: November 20, 2010



2504 and 2520 10th Street, NE