George P. Scriven House

This high Victorian, upper-class home is most notable as the home of Brigadier General George P. Scriven.

Although erected in 1884 and a fine example of Dupont Circle’s Victorian residential architecture, this house is most significant for its association with Brigadier General George P. Scriven. Trained as an engineer at West Point, Scriven served with infantry and artillery units before a transfer to the Signal Corps. He served as a military attache to several foreign capitals. He was elevated to his highest post and rank in early 1913 when promoted to brigadier general and chief signal officer for the entire Army.

General Scriven is most associated with the Corps’ development of heavier-than-air aviation and the push for increased funding and staffing for the Army’s air wing. He was a founding member and first chairman of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, a forerunner of NASA.

Nominated by the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century.

DC Inventory: February 28, 2013
National Register: August 27, 2013



1300 New Hampshire Avenue NW