Terminal Refrigerating and Warehousing Company

Built in 1923, the Terminal Refrigerating & Warehousing Company is a model of a 1920s industrial building.

The Terminal Refrigerating & Warehousing Company building is a monumental, Neoclassical Revival-style building, constructed in 1923 by the Terminal Refrigerating & Warehousing Company to house cold and dry storage warehouses and an ice manufacturing plant, as well as the company’s offices. In 1983, the Terminal Building was renovated and expanded to the east for use by the Washington Design Center.

The Terminal Building is notable as a model of a 20th-century warehouse and industrial building. Stationed directly adjacent to a rail line and viaduct, the industrial building was carefully situated to take advantage of improving transportation technology.

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National Register: August 24, 2014



300 D Street SW