Jost-Kuhn House

The almost-cube-like dwelling is designed in an Italian villa style, is covered with a low hipped roof with a central cupola, paired end chimneys and an overhanging bracketed wood cornice.

Located in the Brightwood neighborhood, the Jost-Kuhn house was constructed in 1859 on a 24-acre tract. The Jost-Kuhn house is a two-story brick house and is an excellent and intact example of a mid-19th century country villa constructed outside the City of Washington before the Civil War. This Italianate-style villa is a rare survivor of the pre-Civil War landscape of rural Washington, D.C. A double-story wood porch with scroll-sawn detailing and a single-story wood porch are located on the northeast and northwest elevations of the house, both facing Madison Street. The house is significant for its associations with the suburbanization of the once-rural Washington County, District of Columbia.

DC Inventory: January 28, 2016
National Register: April 5, 2016



1354 Madison Street, NW