Army and Navy Club

Since 1911, The Army and Navy Club has served as a social space for Army, Navy, and Marines officers.

The Army and Navy Club was founded in 1885 as the United Service Club. Initially, membership was limited to war veterans, but later extended its membership eligibility to all officers and ex-officers of the Army, Navy, and Marines. By 1891, the club changed its name to The Army and Navy Club in 1891. By 1911, The Army and Navy Club wanted to move to a new location to accommodate its growing membership; Designed by architect Albert L. Harris (1869-1934), the building was completed and officially opened in 1912.

By the mid-1980s, the interior of the building was gutted, but the facade and original chandeliers remained. In 1987, the building additionally expanded skywards, from a seven-story building to now twelve-stories high.

DC Inventory: June 27, 1974



1627 I Street NW