Hilleary Burrows House

This house exemplifies many characteristics of middle-class architecture in 1890s metropolitan Washington suburbs.

The Hilleary Burrows House is a 2-1/2 story Queen Anne style dwelling, situated in a prominent location next to Fort Bayard Park. The house dates to 1897 and was designed by H. Galloway Ten Eyck, a prominent architect from Newark, New Jersey, who published two editions of residential designs. As one of the original structures in American University Park, Burrows House is an exemplar of the middle-class residences erected in the metropolitan Washington suburbs in the mid 1890s. This house is also considered the only documented example of a Victorian pattern book house in the city.

The house was built for Tenleytown resident Hilleary T. Burrows, a member of Tenleytown's long-established Burrows family. Burrows was one of the first to buy a lot and build a house in the newly laid American University Park subdivision. The subdivision of American University Park coincided with the passage of the District of Columbia’s 1897 Permanent Highway Plan, which laid the framework for streets beyond the L’Enfant Plan, and is indicative of the suburbanization of rural land outside the city.

DC Inventory: August 23, 2001
National Register: June 27, 2011



4520 River Road, NW