2225 N Street

Built between 1924 and 1925, this low-rise apartment building was designed with Rock Creek Park views in mind.

The apartment building at 2225 N Street was designed by Harry Wardman and Eugene Waggaman in 1924 and built in 1925 in a Vernacular style. This four-story,  32-unit building is brick, with its opening facing westward to Rock Creek Park. The building was gutted and renovated in 1994.

The massing of 2225 N Street reflects Harry Wardman's and Eugene Waggaman's predilection toward providing light, air, and green space to residents. The U-shape of the building maximized the amount of light and air. Its westward orientation, as opposed to southern, is indicative of the architects sensitivity toward the site; the configuration allowed for the greatest number of views of Rock Creek Park. 

DC Inventory: May 16, 1990
National Register: September 9, 1994



2225 N Street NW