Sheridan Theater

The Sheridan Theatre is an Art Deco-style complex, notable for its role in the surrounding community.

The Sheridan Theatre complex is an intact, highly stylized Art Deco design by master architect John Eberson. It was an influential force in the development of the Brightwood community, as well as that of semi-suburban neighborhoods throughout the District.

The theatre provides the "missing link" between John Zink's Uptown Theater of 1936, located adjacent to Washington's original Park n' Shop (1930) and Eberson's nationally-renowned Silver Theater Shopping Center (1938). Park 'n Shop complexes which incorporated theaters like the Sheridan and Silver are the direct ancestors of the modern mall-with- multiplex. The Sheridan Theater was an important venue for community-based African American drama during a period of rising cultural consciousness and redefinition.

DC Inventory: April 28, 2006



6221 Georgia Ave, NW