Brooks Mansion

Brooks Mansion and its grounds are a Brookland landmark, occupying an entire square in the neighborhood.

Brooks Mansion is composed of Bellair, the original Greek Revival-style plantation house built on the site by Ann and Jehiel Brooks around 1840, and a large eastern addition to this house built by the Marist Society, which altered Bellair for use as Marist College in 1894. Since its construction, the house has been a significant landmark in the Brookland neighborhood.
The grounds of Brooks Mansion uniquely reflects the history of Brookland's development, from Colonial days to the present.

It has changed ownership many times over the course of its history, and its tenants have included the Benedictine Sisters of Elizabeth, New Jersey; Catholic University; St. Anthony's High School; the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA); and the Public Access Corporation for the District of Columbia (DCTV).

DC Inventory: April 29, 1975
National Register: July 17, 1975



901 Newton Street NE