Denrike Building

This office building, on the edge of DC's Financial District, is an early-20th-century example of downtown redevelopment.

Located just north of McPherson Square in what was historically considered the northern limit of the city’s financial district, the Denrike Building is an 11-story office building designed by local architect Appleton P. Clark, Jr. The structure, built between 1925 and 1926, is executed in a Tudor Gothic Revival style, rare among the city’s commercial building fabric.

As one of a collection of 1920s office buildings and financial institutions surrounding McPherson Square, the Denrike Building represents the edge of the city’s financial district. It replaced the 19th century residence of former U.S. House Speaker Joseph Cannon (House Speaker from 1903-1911), which had formerly stood on the site. The office building is illustrative of the wave of 20th century commercial development that replaced older and well-established residential building stock in the city’s downtown that had, during the 19th century, been home to the city’s most prominent and affluent residents.

In 2022-23, the office building was converted to residential use, with 85 "medium term rental" units.

DC Inventory: June 23, 2016
National Register: June 30, 2016



1010 Vermont Avenue NW