Park Vista and Pine Manor (Concord Apartments)

The Concord Apartments complex is comprised of two, three story plus basement brick, glass block, and cinder block buildings occupying the east side of 14th Street.

These four low-rise buildings in Brightwood, built in 1936, 1937, and 1938-39 respectively, are representative of the modest apartment buildings constructed to address the city's explosive population growth during the Depression. The buildings are designed in with Moderne stylistic elements, including geometric brick patterns, stone ornamentation, and glass blacks illustrated the development of Santmyer's architectural vocabulary away from strictly classical revival forms.

The Concord Apartments is significant due to its representative of efficient housing solutions sought for a rapidly expanding population in the District. The city's population expanded by 176,000, or more than one-third. between 1930 and 1940. Modest, efficient, and affordable apartment buildings like these were intended mainly to serve a growing federal workforce. Their concentration in Brightwood is representative of the neighborhood's evolution from rural to urban following the extension of transit lines and the adoption of a new zoning ordinance.

Nominated by the property owners and designated July 28 and September 22, 2016



5807-5825 14th Street, NW