Children’s Country Home

Founded in 1883 as the Children's Country Home, this site served as a charitable convalescent care institution.

The Hospital for Sick Children is located at 1731 Bunker Hill Road, N.E. in the Brookland neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The hospital building sits on an approximately four-acre pentagonal tract of land bounded by Bunker Hill Road to the northeast, 18th Street to the east, Taylor Avenue to the south, South Dakota Avenue to the west and a residential subdivision to the north. Much of the charm and rustic character of the building is due to its skillful placement on its wooded lot in the midst of an urban area.

The hospital is set back from Bunker Hill Road with a grassy lawn and mature shade trees buffering it from the road. A semi-circular drive off of Bunker Hill Road provides access to the main, gable-fronted entrance of the original building. From the entrance driveway, the flanking one-story wings create an open courtyard that envelops the visitor. The building was sited to take advantage of natural light and breezes.

DC Inventory: January 17, 1990
National Register: December 9, 2003



1731 Bunker Hill Road NE Washington DC 20017