Almas Temple

The Almas Temple, located on K Street, N.W. between 13th and 14th Streets, has been home to the local District of COlumbia chapter of the Scottish Rites Temple since its construction in 1929.

The Temple, built in the Moorish style by its architect, Allen Hussell Potts, is reminiscent in a style of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The model was the castle of the Moorish kings built in the thirteenth century. In construction, the building is built of brick and reinforced concrete with a flat roof. The facade is divided into three vertical elements with the central element or pavilion projecting.

The Temple is located directly across K Street from Franklin Square in a block that at one time was a highly fashionable residential area, especially from 1851 when Franklin Square was landscaped, fenced and greatly improved, until the 1920s as the area became more commercial.

DC designation September 3, 1981



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1315 K Street, NW