Abstract Sculptures of DC: 50/50

Located at a home in Dupont Circle, the sculpture uses geometric forms similar to others the artist explored.

Nestled between the landscaping of 2027 Q Street NW sits a hidden study on geometry. Yuri Schwebler, an artist known for his temporary and permanent sculptures throughout DC, created the work outside the home in 1975. The sculpture consists of two slate slabs that form a V-shape coming out of the ground, with two steel I-beams sitting on top of the slabs and two pendulums hanging from them into the empty space.

Schwebler’s works, including 50/50, “explored concepts of geometry, balance, light, and shadow,” according to an article published by the Phillips Collection. Schwebler was also responsible for installations at their gallery, as well as creating a giant sundial with the Washington Monument. Schwebler used snow that had accumulated on the ground around it by plowing certain tracks into it to create radial lines. Because some of his work was meant to be temporary, 50/50’s permanence makes it even more pertinent to the address on Q Street.

Within Dupont Circle Historic District.

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2027 Q Street NW, 20009