Elliott Coues House

From 1887 until his death, this house was the residence of Elliot Coues (1842-1899), a leading 19th-century ornithologist whose studies greatly expanded the knowledge of North American bird life.

In 1883, Coues helped found the American Ornithologists Union. In addition, he edited approximately 15 volumes of journals, memoirs, and diaries by famous Western explorers and fur traders.

1726 N Street NW., Washington, B.C. is a three story with basement, brick, semidetached row house. The date of construction is unknown, but it was probably built in the 1880's. The house is similar to others in the row and is of no architectural distinction.

National Register and National Historic Landmark: May 15, 1975
DC Inventory: March 3, 1979
Within Dupont Circle HD



1726 N Street, NW