Rear Admiral Francis Dupont Memorial Fountain

This white marble fountain enriched with sculpture is the second memorial to Admiral Dupont erected in the center of Dupont Circle in Northwest Washington.

Dupont distinguished himself as a Civil War naval commander. The earlier statue of Dupont which was replaced by the fountain now stands in Wilmington, Delaware. The fountain consists of a lower marble basin from which rises a tall pedestal enriched with sculpture. An elegantly proportioned marble bowl surmounts the pedestal. The pedestal is divided into three alcoves separated by pilasters.

Each alcove contains a delicately wrought sculptural figure representing the parts of ocean navigation. The Sea, a woman, holds a boat in one hand and caresses a gull with the other while a dolphin plays at her feet. The Wind, a male, is draped by the swelling sail of a ship. His left hand holds a conch shell for a horn. The Stars, a goddess, holds a globe. Her eyes look down on visitors. An Act of Congress approved February 26, 1917 (39 Stat. 944) authorized erection of the fountain to replace the pedestrian statue of Dupont. The fountain was commissioned by the Dupont family at a cost of $77,521. It was dedicated December 20, 1921. Dupont Circle is a traffic circle at the intersections of Connecticut Ave., N.W., New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Massachusetts Ave., N.W., 19th St., N.W., and P St., N.W.

Erected 1921
(Daniel Chester French, sculptor; Henry Bacon, architect)
Within a L’Enfant Plan reservation, Dupont Circle HD, and Massachusetts Avenue HD
National Register: September 20, 1978



Dupont Circle, NW