Elizabeth Arden Building

This office/commercial building's Georgian Revival design is typical of the Connecticut Avenue commercial district.

The Elizabeth Arden building, a six-story office building with commercial space on its first floor, is the work of Mott Schmidt, one of the leading 20th-century architects working in the Colonial Revival/Georgian Revival style. Built in 1929, the building is a unique example of Schmidt's work and his only known original design in DC.

The building's style (an unusual Georgian Revival translation of the tall office form), its original architect, and its long-term, exclusive tenants exemplify the unique coordinated effort on the part of developers, architects, and merchants to transform Connecticut Avenue into an exclusive shopping area deliberately modeled after Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

DC Inventory: November 23, 1993
National Register: August 18, 2003



1147 Connecticut Avenue, NW